Job Costing Module allows for the incorporation of all elements of split labour and overhead time and costs for posting into the ledgers. In addition, it allows for percentage allocations for supervisory labour, foremen etc.

Data Extract Module facilitates the extraction of fields from the payroll downloading to word processors for letters, spreadsheets, graphics and integration with general ledger and other accounting systems.

Bank Transfer Module creates a file, which can automatically be transmitted into the banking system to employees’ accounts.

Interim Run Module allows the inclusion of special bonuses, commissions, discharges runs and leave-pay runs, to be automatically calculated by computer.

Leave History Module creates electronic ledger cards for each employee, maintaining records of leave days taken and accrued for all types of leave. This will include automatic accrual values for posting to the General Ledger.

The Ledgers and History Module allows for the creation of full ledgers for transactions like loans, savings, payments or medical aid deductions. Each set of transactions has its own ledger card, which is customer defined. It also gives the user the ability to hold and print histories from the payroll as far back as records are held. Ledgers can be used for new UIF requirements.

Payslip History Module creates and maintains historical information of all employees’ remuneration records. This module allows pay clerks a simple solution to answer queries, by referring to payslips on their screens.

Equity Act Module allows the user to add Human Resources Data (Training, Promotion, Recruiting & Disciplinary action) to payroll data (engagements, discharges, etc) and provide the basis for statutory Employment Equity Act reporting.

Validation or Preview Run runs a complete calculation run, without updating master file Year-To-Dates, etc. No backups or restores are needed. It is used to check the accuracy of a Pay Run and can be run any number of times. It will produce a Control report, on screen or printed payslips and customer selected reports.

Third Party Payment Module: Administration and maintenance of third party payments, e.g. Garnishee or Insurance payments or debts for employees, allowing multiple deductions per employee with or without balances. Multiple Agents are allowed, each with separate address and payment details, pay modes, etc. Reports are generated per Employee, Deduction Type or Agent to facilitate accounting and pay-overs.

Employee transfer facilitates the transfer of employees between payrolls. All master file information is transferred, including balances, rates and dates. Year to date balances can be transferred or left behind. All history associated with the employee can be transferred or left behind.

PDF Payslips and Reports Employees with e-mail addresses can receive their password protected payslips automatically via the internet. Selected reports can be sent to specified recipients at pre-defined internet or network destinations.

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