Powerful and Flexible Parameters

Paywell has developed a versatile and powerful language that translates payroll rules into automated processes.

This language produces readable documented steps that makes parameter design and maintenance very efficient and easy to change as is often the case in many payrolls..

Paywell, in concept, is like a spreadsheet. The program is identical for each user but the use and sequence of the language determines the results of the pay calculation for each individual payroll.

Because all users have the same Paywell programs (like EXCEL) if and when clients want Paywell Support to examine, fix or enhance the rules in a payroll they can send the parameter set to Paywell over the lines and Paywell support staff will amend the parameters and send the amended parameters back to the customer. This efficiency of design saves time and costs.

Like EXCEL which has no country boundaries, Paywell has the ability to be used in numerous countries. Paywell only has to program the statutory rules of each country and these are ‘plugged’ into the Paywell System.

Paywell can claim ‘if you can write down the rules and calculations of your payroll, in plain English, then Paywell can be configured to deliver the desired solution’

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