Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paywell?
Paywell is an integrated computerised solution fulfilling payroll administration requirements. It delivers payroll and labour costing systems with no duplication of data or input.
Is Paywell easy to use?
Paywell is a straight forward ‘menu driven’ product. The product has ‘context sensitive’ on-line help capability as well as very comprehensive, easy to follow manuals. Real-time validation highlights errors for immediate correction and on-line inquiries make information and input readily available. Various methods of effecting payments between runs, including ‘Manual Payments’ and Interim runs, make it the ideal tool to manage your payroll department.
Is Paywell easy to install and implement?
Yes. Paywell is designed to ensure smooth, trouble-free implementation. The Paywell support staff implements the product and train all necessary users. Training is done on a one-to-one basis, either at the users’ office or at the Paywell offices.
Is Paywell expensive or costly to run?
No. Paywell is designed in a modular form, so you only pay for the modules you use. Paywell integrates with most recognised HR systems, thus giving the user a choice of HR systems with a wide range of price and functionality.
What gives Paywell its power and flexibility?
Easily turns specific requirements into automated processes. These macros are designed and maintained by Paywell as and when requirements change. These easy-to-use macros generate readable documented steps. This makes design and especially amendments extremely efficient. This ‘Language’ takes the specification of even the most complex payroll requirements and translates these into an automated process. In fact, we are proud to claim that if a client’s payroll rules and calculation requirements can be written down in plain English, then Paywell can be configured to deliver the desired solution.
Can payroll data be checked before running the payroll?
Yes. The Validation or Preview run allows the user to print any exception report for checking, and submit any corrections or amendments prior to the payroll run.
How does Paywell handle HR Management?

Integration with an existing HR system can be done in a matter of days or a maximum of a few weeks in the event of a first time integration with the HR system. Once installed, the new open database means that common information updated in either the HR database or the Paywell engine is immediately available throughout both systems. HR and payroll managers share information without duplication.

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