Key Features of Paywell’s Functionality

Because of its powerful parameter structure and flexible nature, the Paywell payroll system is suitable for any type of payroll. Paywell can be easily set up, whether you need a payroll to pay wages or salaries, hourly, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or once a term.

Unlimited: – Companies, multiple Pay frequencies/cycles, Interim Pay Runs, Manual Payments.

All the earnings, deductions, company contributions, benefits, provisions, balances and year-to-dates you will ever need.

Full record of all data added, changed or deleted by individual user with a detailed audit report with sequence number control.

Full log of the date each program was executed and by whom with a printed report for audit purposes.

Auto advance for minimum net pay with individual employee control.

Multiple banking accounts.

Dual currency capability ( pay in US$ and account in ZAR)

Detailed multi-cost allocation based on direct cost (hours) and apportion overheads accordingly OR percentage split for managerial staff.

Powerful macros that calculate the payroll and have decision making capabilities based on true Boolean logic (<,>,<>,=,<=,>=).

Powerful employee indicator that group employees together by pension fund, medical, tax authority, grade, trade union, shift type, permanent/temporary etc etc etc.

Fully tax compliant with updates received as they occur.

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